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                Cai de office equipment

                Hangzhou Caide Office Equipment Co., Ltd.

                Hangzhou Caide (Wender) Office Equipment Co. has been committed to postpress product development and production. Its main products are: paper cutter, laminating machine and other office equipment. Caide After years of change and innovation, has become widely known after printing industry famous brand.

                Caide product users trust from employees pragmatic Wender, Caide leadership honest to good quality, Caide innovative business ideas, guaranteed to provide a stable, high-quality office equipment products!

                hotline : 0571-88041572 400-680-0571

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                Its main products are: paper cutting machine, gluing machine, laminating machine, indentation machine, folding machine, cold mounting machine, binding machine, fillet machine, folding machine and other office equipment.

                Mature technology

                Quality assurance

                At present, Caide has established a strong global distribution network and service network. Its products have been sold to Asia, South America, Europe and other places, and won many international praises. Huge after-sales service team adhering to the concept of local service, VIP-type tracking service, dedicated to providing users around the world with all-round services!......

                We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.
                Contact number : 0571-88041572
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